CIO Advisory services

There are many speculations about economic slowdown… In many cases it leads to greater investments in IT solutions. Would IT bring real savings for your organisation? How to prove implication of IT investment in terms of company income or increase of products attractiveness? CIO Advisory services is solution for enterprises which could support organisation in proper distinguish between added-value services and waste of money services.

We focus on three following virtues:

Be productive – evaluate and optimize IT processes and IT services.
Accept real soul – measure IT culture including maturity assessments of IT organization.
Avoid risks – understand your limitations and indicate the pitfalls and areas of high technology risks.
Implementation of above virtues is not easy. We know how to start process and perform change of IT organisation. Typically, we use several change acceleration techniques. Important in the whole process is IT staff coaching and usage of verification & evaluation based on audit approaches. We facilitate discussions about development of IT processes and practices, which we believe should be in line with business strategy (formal or alleged). Support for CIO is not limited for building referential models and preparing enterprise architecture. We want to change real people behaviour, establish new order of practices and habits.