Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is management concept which is used specially in IT to describe practices or process of conducting enterprise or organisation. By definition it consists of analysis, design, planning, and implementation steps. It uses holistic approach for the successful development and execution of strategy, but business strategy not only IT. Enterprise architecture applies than to business architecture principles and practices and as consequence to IT architecture. It guides organization how to compromise business goals with limitation of processes and technology.

Most companies use EA as marketing slogan for IT undertakings forgetting about information and process which are indeed fundaments of business. EA executes strategies by structured approach of practices and need change of organisation behaviour and people motivation and SMT involvement. We are helping organisations to make the change:

  • Share a vision of EA and connect business goals with technology.
  • Implement framework like TOGAF interacting with SDLC process.
  • Ensure that the governing architectural principles are followed.
  • Designing solutions with a high degree of reusability and extensibility.
  • Improve productivity by addressing lean approach in building bridges between risks, challenges and opportunities.
  • Translate business goals into activities on technology side.