IT Governance & Strategy

When one bought service like “building house” one needs accepted design and staff which can build fundaments, bricks in walls and make a roof. In real life there is not so easy design have to fulfilled standards and be complained with legal and formal requirements. In IT is maybe easier because small projects and companies are not followed any regulations and only customer can evaluate value of products. In more mature sectors and bigger enterprises there is importance of independent assessment and assurance that process of building software or IT service is reliable and will not cause in the future into problems. Our mission is to be like construction inspector helping investors in keeping construction site compliance and risk-free and completed building in good shape with low maintenance costs and great perspective for the future.

On every construction site there could be a problem: solution is reliable and also process of building is enough robust. The same balance between IT controls and readiness versus elasticity of processes and products is crucial for every CIO. We are helping to prepare appropriate strategy for IT controls and choosing usage of “good-enough” frameworks and practices – reliability and robustness can be designed into systems architecture and IT processes.