IT culture – new generation

Software engineering and management practices in IT are more and more described using techniques, methodologies, best practices or libraries with standards and norms. These arsenal of knowledge and special tools helps in systematic process of building and deploying software and infrastructure but does it guarantee a real success? Real problem is not using tool but using it properly by all the staff. Lean, scrum, ITIL, Cobit, ISO 27001, TOGAF… these frameworks can increase performance and limit hazards but many organisations even don’t know how particular staff member use them and what real think about frameworks. From reports and dashboards perspective everything is going well but if you asked business representatives… there is a lot of rumours and misunderstandings of IT role and productivity. From our experience following factors are most common reasons of this situation:

  • Improper manufacturing practices – official expectations differ from real practices.
  • Mismanagement – technology leaders are not leader but experts.
  • Lack of appropriateness of actions, lack of real response.
  • Lack of effective and reliable control measures.

We focus on changing the whole environment from organisation, process and technology point of view helping implement new culture. The culture which address new generation challenges. Knowing problems and finding root causes of IT unproductivity and low business perception is crucial for determination of next generation culture inside IT organisation.